Founded in 2005, Pipeline Repairs Limited (PLR) is a wholly owned Nigerian oilfield service company specialized in composite pipe repairs, maintenance and provision of technical services to the oil and gas industry, government and private organizations. 

PLR is in partnership with an international organization and is actively involved in the application of the latest technology in composite engineering using the Technowrap Pipe Repair products which permanently restores full structural strength and pressure integrity to pipe work, pipelines and caissons. The composite technology, therefore, eliminates the problems that are usually associated with repair work such as logistics, delays and costs.  


Our vision is to be a global name and the reference point in the oil and gas industry for the repair and maintenance of pipelines on offshore and on-shore production facilities.


To provide quality and best-value solutions to our clients using the latest in composite engineering technology supported by our team of highly skilled and experienced Nigerians in line with the local content policy of the Federal Government.