Technowrap® is the trade mark name for composite materials and products. PLR uses Technowrap validated and industry approved products for engineered pipe repair systems which permanently restores full structural strength and pressure integrity to pipe work, pipelines and caissons. The composite technology, therefore, eliminates the problems that are usually associated with repair work such as logistics, delays and costs.

Product Types

The pipeline products, as noted below, are used in different market segments, geographic and environmental conditions throughout the world.

Composite Repairs

Our resins permit composite repairs to be applied in temperatures from 75 to 220 degrees centigrade and enables this technology to be utilised in all geographic locations. The recent introduction of the 3K Primer, which enhances bond strength and pressure retention of the composite wrap by 3 times, now enables us undertake repairs on pipelines with pressure range tested up to 250 Bar.

Technowrap PRS

Technowrap PRS is a pipe repair system which has been specifically developed to enhance existing fully validated repair systems and is designed as a more Cost-Efficeient Repair System for externally corroded defects on straight extended lengths of pipe work. The new Uni-directional stitched substrate provides the client with a product that can address the problems associated with external Corrosion.